Eilert Shares 2021 Marketing Predictions on Allfactors.com

Meike Eilert recently contributed to a feature on Allfactors.com in which marketing experts share 2021 industry predictions.

“One trend that has already started in 2020 but I think we will see more of is how physical consumption spaces are changing to make them more safe for both customers and employees," she said. "Stores will be more intentional about traffic flow patterns and redesign layouts so that customers are less likely to congregate or wait in tight spaces. Pick-up/take-out windows for restaurants without the ability to have drive thus will become more popular, and we will see more 'ghost kitchens' without physical spaces or new restaurants in locations with drive-thru capability.

Regarding social responsibility and activism efforts of businesses, Eilert says, "We will see more emphasis on authenticity since quite a few brands received a lot of criticism in how they engaged with the Black Lives Matter movement in 2020. To avoid backlash about 'woke-washing,' we will likely see more well-thought out activities in this area, such as a focus on authentic representations of diversity in marketing programs.”

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