PhD Students

PhD in Economics

International Finance & Trade, Applied Macroeconomics
Tim Bianco Macroeconomics, Corporate Finance, International Economics
Health Economics, Labor Economics, Environmental Economics
Labor, Urban, Macroeconomics
Health Economics, Industrial Organization
Hao Guo International Trade and Economic Geography, Macroeconomics
International Trade & Finance
Industrial Organization, Public Policy, Labor
Labor Economics, Microeconomics, Applied Econometrics
Nicholas Moellman Labor, Public, Health
Robert Perez Public and Health Economics
Health Economics
Public and Labor Economics
Ben Wallace Industrial Organization, Applied Microeconomics

Concentration in Accounting

Economic Geography, Non-Financial Information, Voluntary Disclosure, and Capital Markets Audit Contracting, Audit Quality, Auditor Specialization
Financial Archival

Concentration in Marketing and Supply Chain

Consumer Welfare
Sales Strategy and Management, Organizational Buying Behavior, Digital Marketing
Consumer Behavior, Pricing
Interpersonal Emotions, Negative Affect

Concentration in Management

Jesse Fagan Social network analysis Information in organizational networks, Online behavior, Network feedback interventions, Organizational research methods, Unobtrusive methods
Organizational Behavior, Social Networking, Innovation, & Diversity
Organizational Behavior, Social networks, Social Cognition and Business Relationship Reconnections
Wookje Sung Social networks, Culture, Institutional theory, Subgroups/subculture, Organizational change
Strategy, Social Networking

Concentration in Finance and Quantitative Methods

Corporate Governance, Mutual Funds
Qiping Huang Investments, Hedge Funds, Institutions
Empirical asset pricing
David Moore Corporate Finance, Payout Policy
Marc Painter Investments, Asset Management & Municipal Bond Market
Tyson Van Alfen Financial Advisors, Empirical Corporate Finance, Product Market Reputation