Gatton International Internship Portfolio

The Gatton College of Business and Economics provides a portfolio of international, business internships in four countries. These experiences are life changing and provide numerous benefits that improve student resumes and professional assets including: increased cultural sensitivity, professional maturity, adaptability, situation problem solving, global worldview, and autonomy.

At the Gatton College, our strategic plan includes expanding international opportunities and exposure for students. The internship programs we have selected offer real world business experience in some of the world’s most notable cities.

Partnership with UK Education Abroad

The Gatton College of Business and Economics collaborates with the UK Education Abroad team to review the university’s portfolio of internship abroad programs and make selections for inclusion in the Gatton sub portfolio.

Criteria for inclusion

In order for a program to be included in the Gatton portfolio it must meet the following criteria:

  • Provided by a highly rated partner program
  • Offer a diverse location among other portfolio options
  • Place students in substantial business roles with reflection opportunities
  • Ease in experiential education credit transferring back to UK
  • Provide additional course offerings for maximized credit for investment
  • Demonstrate excellent student support services and cultural exposure