Pelissier Scholarship Application

The Pelissier Scholars Wall Street Experience (FIN 395) is a one-credit-hour course that includes a student group visit to Wall Street in spring 2019, pre-trip orientation, and post-trip training, reflection, and career development education in spring 2019. The course is open to selected Pelissier scholarship recipients of all majors. Selection criteria and application procedures are described below.

2019 will mark the third year of Pelissier Scholars Wall Street visit. The trip enables UK students to experience first-hand financial markets in the United States. Professional money managers, investment bankers, fund managers, security dealers, consultants, and other practitioners who are a part of the financial community will host company visits and make presentations. Students will develop a better understanding of how financial markets and institutions operates, gain a greater appreciation for the contributions to the ecosystem of the markets and firms, and enjoy valuable networking opportunities.

Format and Deadlines

Click here to see the 2018 (past) itinerary.

The visit will be in New York City and will be approximately a week-long visit in February or May 2019. The past two annual visits took place in mid-May and included visits to Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, Morgan Stanley, Credit Suisse, Blackstone, KKR, Mizuho, Redburn, NYSE and other firms. Visits will typically take one to two hours per firm. Dr. Wendy Liu, Director of Undergraduate Studies in Finance and Pelissier Teaching Fellow, is the course instructor and plans to lead the trip in 2019.

A maximum of twelve participants will be selected by a scholarship committee of the Department of Finance and Quantitative Methods of Gatton College of Business and Economics. Applications are open to all undergraduate students of all majors currently enrolled at the University of Kentucky. Each selected participant will receive a scholarship of $2,000-$2,200. A team leader will be selected from among the participants to lead the team and coordinate with the faculty member on all visits. The team leader will receive a scholarship of $2,200-$2,400. The scholarship will be made in two installments: The first 50% will be paid after the selected participants show proof of lodging arrangements by the deadline. The remaining 50% of the scholarship will be made after successful completion of the course requirement (including, but not limited to, a final reflection essay). The scholarships and the trip are made possible thanks to generous support of Mrs. Marguerite Pelissier.

To participate in the trip, students are required to stay in the lodging reserved by the college and be punctual on all official visits. A room block at a hotel in NYC will be made and announced to participants.

Dress Code

Business attire, (i.e., a business suit) is required on all visits in NYC unless announced otherwise.


The major expenses associated with this trip include round-trip airfare/travel expenses to and from New York City, lodging, subway fare, and living expenses (meals, entertainment, etc.). Participants will arrange for their travel to and from New York City.

Application Procedure

All current UK students are welcome to apply. Students interested in this visit must submit the following materials online by 11:59pm Eastern Time on November 23, 2018 (Friday):

  1. Completed application (Incomplete applications will NOT be considered.)

  2. An unofficial transcript (must be in PDF format) downloaded no earlier than 11:59pm Eastern Time on October 31, 2018

  3. A current resume (must be in PDF format)

  4. A written essay of no more than 250 words (Word or PDF) showing your qualifications and interest in this course and the trip.


  1. Excellent Academic Record
  2. Intellectual curiosity
  3. Excellent oral and written communication skills
  4. Interest in learning finance and exploring finance careers
  5. Confidence to ask questions during firm visits

Preference will be given to undergraduate applicants who will graduate no earlier than December 2020.

  1. Important conditions of participation of this visit include, but are not limited to, the following:
  2. Punctuality: A participant must be able to participate in all visits and be on time.
  3. Dress code: A participant should adhere to the dress code as required for all visits.
  4. Professionalism: A participant should be courteous and professional during all visits.
  5. Finance knowledge and pre-trip training: Participants must complete Bloomberg Market Concepts (BMC) certification, register for Capital IQ accounting, attend all pre-trip meetings and required reading assignments.
  6. Lodging: All recipients will be required to show proof of lodging reservations prior to the deadlines (to be announced after scholarship recipients are selected).
  7. Post-trip networking effort and reflection essay: Participants must submit an essay after completing the trip and show efforts of continuing learning about finance careers and networking as a part of FIN 395.
  8. Other course requirements: Will be announced by the course instructor.

Any participant who fails on one or more aspects above (e.g., showing up more than 10 minutes late for a company visit or failing to attend key pre-trip training meetings without excused absence) will be result in the retraction of the second 50% of the scholarship and a failure of the course.

Selected candidates may be invited to interviews between November 26, 2018 and January 11, 2019. Scholarship recipients will be notified before 5pm Eastern Time on January 14, 2019 (Monday). Those students selected for the Pelissier Scholars Wall Street Experience will be automatically enrolled into the correct section of FIN 395 by January 15, 2019.

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