Seminars and Workshops

As part of its commitment to academic excellence, the Department of Economics sponsors numerous workshops and seminars each semester. Speakers for our workshop series are a mix of faculty and graduate students, in addition to leading scholars from other universities.

Mark C. Berger Workshop Series 2018-19 Academic Year

All Mark C. Berger Seminars are Friday afternoons at 3:00 PM, unless otherwise indicated, in a room in Gatton Business & Economics. All are welcome to attend. Papers (when available) can be downloaded using the link on the paper title.

Date Presenter Title
August 31 (BE 157) Charles Courtemanche (UK) "Walmart, Obama Care, and Working in an RDC"
September 7 (12:30 - 2:30 PM, BE 127) Institute for the Study of Free Enterprise Research Day
September 14 (BE 311) Stephen Bonhomme (Chicago) "Minimizing Sensitivity to Model Misspecification"
September 21 (BE 311) Wolfgang Keller (Colorado) "Globalization, Gender, and the Family"
September 28 (3:00 - 4:15, BE 311) Dhammika Dharmapala – (University of Chicago) (joint with Martin School)
October 5 (BE 311) Steve Lugauer (Kentucky) "Demographics and Monetary Policy Shocks"
October 12 2018 KEA Conference
October 26 (BE 311) Christopher Biolsi (Western Kentucky) "Fiscal Sustainability under a Time-Varying Fiscal Reaction Rule: A State Space Approach"
November 2 (11:00-12:00; BE 230) Ian Walker (Lancaster) "The Causal Effects of School Bullying Victimisation as an Adolescent on Later Life Outcomes"
November 9 (BE 191) Trudy Cameron (Oregon)

"Determinants of Willingness-to-Pay For Internal Carbon Pricing Programs"

November 16 Note: 2018 SEA conference (Nov 18-20)
November 23 Thanksgiving Break
November 30 (BE 199) Rajeev Darolia (Kentucky Martin School) "Returns to a Prison GED"
Dec 6 (Thursday 3:30-5:00 PM, BE 383) Amalia Miller (Virginia) "Elite Schools and Opting-In: Effects of College Selectivity on Career and Family Outcomes"
January 18 Doug Miller (Cornell)
January 25 TBD
February 1 Jim Ziliak (Kentucky)
February 8 Stephen Yeaple (Penn State)
February 22 (11-12:30, joint with Martin School) Melinda Morrill (North Carolina State)
February 22 Jae Won Lee (Virginia) "Sectoral Price Facts in a Sticky-Price Model"
March 1 TBD
March 8 Spencer Banzhaf (Georgia State)
March 15 None - spring break
March 22 Nathan Hendren (Harvard)
March 29 Bhash Mazmuder (Chicago Fed)
April 5 Matt Harris (Tennessee)
April 12 Teaching conference featuring Josh Angrist (MIT)
April 15 (Monday, noon-1:30) Henrik Kleven (Princeton)
April 26 (Sponsored by UK Research Data Center) Richard Dunn (Connecticut)

Department Workshops 2018-19 Academic Year

Workshops are held on Mondays 12:00 – 1:00 PM in Gatton Business & Economics 265 unless otherwise noted. Papers (when available) can be downloaded using the link on the paper title.

Date Presenter Title
August 27 Amanda McCullogh (UK) “Candy Crushed-Grain Saga: Responses to Tax Notches in the Confections Market”  
September 3 Labor Day
September 10 (BE 299) Cody Vaughn (UK) "Long-Run Impacts of Welfare Reform on Educational Attainment and Family Structure"
September 17 (BE 299) Matt Schendstok (UK) "Roads to Equality"
September 24 (BE 265) Kara Shah Riesing (UK) "Effects of Tornadoes on Local Labor Markets"
October 1 (BE 265) Kevin Allen (UK) "Trade Exposure and the Impact of Economic Sanctions on Civil Liberties"
October 8 (BE 265) Katie Toran (UK) "Does Medicare Part D Extend Lives?"
October 15 (BE 265) Andrew Jonellis (UK) "Legislatures and Growth"
October 22 (BE 265) Guowen Chen (UK) "Policy and MIsallocation"
October 29 (BE 265) Zheng Yang (UK) "Pricing the Razor: Evidence on Two-Part Tariffs"
November 5 none
November 12 (BE 265) Olga Malkova (UK) "Hope for the Family: The Effects of Merit Aid Programs on Parental Labor Supply"
November 19 (BE 265) SEA Conference
November 26 (BE 265) Max Dvorkin (St. Louis Fed)
January 21 TBD
January 28 TBD
February 4 Kathleen McKiernan (Vanderbilt)
February 11 TBD
February 18 TBD
February 25 Matt Wilson (Michigan)
March 4 TBD
March 11 None - spring break
March 18 TBD
March 25 TBD
April 1 Teresa Waters (UK Health Management and Policy)
April 8 TBD
April 15 None (replaced by Henrik Kleven seminar above)
April 22 TBD