Meet Dylan Drummey, a driven Economics and Finance major from Walton, Kentucky, set to graduate in 2026. Dylan’s journey at the Gatton College of Business and Economics is not just about academic pursuits but also a testament to resilience and passion for baseball.  

Dylan’s journey has been made smoother by the support of the Tibbens Family Scholarship and others. “Having the responsibility of covering tuition by myself, this additional funding has allowed me to have some of my financial stress alleviated and ensure that I can afford to attend," says Dylan. This support has eased his financial burdens and enabled him to concentrate more on his studies.

Beyond academics, Dylan has a profound ambition: to work in the Front Office for a Major League Baseball team, ultimately aspiring to lead one. His fascination with baseball and statistics began early, as he served as a stat keeper for his high school team in the 6th grade. “Baseball fandom has been in my family since I was little, but the intermingling of the sport and statistics started when I was a stat keeper,” he explains. Since then, Dylan has immersed himself in baseball analytics, conducting research and contributing to the strategies and development of Kentucky Baseball.

Dylan’s journey is not just his own; it’s a tribute to the unwavering support of his single mom, who made numerous sacrifices to ensure the best for him and his brother. “By achieving my goal and working in an industry that I genuinely love, I can someday finally prove that it was all worth it," he shares, reflecting on his mother’s enduring encouragement.

With determination fueled by his love for baseball, statistical prowess, and the support of his scholarship and family, Dylan Drummey stands poised to make his mark in the world of Major League Baseball, aiming not just to be a part of it but to lead it into a future of success.