Introducing Brennan Graham, a talented Computer Science major with a secondary major in Economics and a minor in Mathematics! We're thrilled to share that Brennan has secured a summer internship with The MITRE Corporation.

At MITRE, Brennan's role as an intern revolves around leveraging computer modeling and simulation tools to support the sponsors of MITRE's National Security Engineering Center, including the Department of Defense. His work involves utilizing his expertise in computer science to contribute to impactful projects in the realm of national security.

Located in Bedford, MA, Brennan's internship provides him with a unique opportunity to apply his technical skills and knowledge to real-world scenarios. By working with sophisticated tools and collaborating with a talented team, he is gaining invaluable experience in the field of computer modeling and simulation.

Brennan discovered this exciting internship opportunity through the EconGames economic data analysis competition, thanks to the guidance of Dr. Patel. It's a testament to the power of participating in extracurricular activities and the support of mentors in unlocking remarkable opportunities.