Introducing Tricia Henry!

Tricia is a dedicated advisor who has been a valuable member of the Gatton advising team for over a year and a half. Before joining Gatton, she worked as an administrative assistant with the baseball and tennis teams at UK Athletics. Her journey in higher education led her to earn a bachelor's degree in Sport Management from EKU at the age of 40, and she has been thriving in the field ever since.

Tricia's personal experience with a learning disability and her utilization of resource services during her own academic journey have shaped her commitment to supporting students in achieving their academic success. As a native Kentuckian, she raised her children in Lexington, and they have all pursued higher education, each on their unique paths.

While Tricia's passion lies in collegiate athletics, she realized that she wanted to utilize her full potential and tap into her gift of guiding, mentoring, coaching, and connecting with young people. By utilizing career services and with the opportunity to join the Gatton advising team, she found her calling in student services. Tricia is currently pursuing her master's degree in management, expanding her knowledge and skills in the field.

What captivates Tricia about Gatton and Gatton students? It's the passion and drive they bring to make a difference in the world through earning their degrees. She appreciates the gratitude and appreciation shown by the students she works with, and she cherishes the collaborative environment between faculty and staff at Gatton. The support and care she receives from her supervisors and upline make her feel valued as an individual.

Here's a surprising fun fact about Tricia: She worked as a model and talent in the Cincinnati and Lexington areas for over 10 years! She even served as the educational director for Images Model and Talent agency, teaching various skills such as photo posing, commercial acting, confidence, and ethics. Her notable performances with brands like Dryel, Speedway, Snugli, and Commonwealth Eye Surgery add an exciting dimension to her diverse background.