Meet Stephanie Lynch!

Growing up on a tobacco farm in central Kentucky, Stephanie's journey has been one of determination and achievement. She paved the way for her family by becoming the first in her immediate family to attend college and the second in her extended family. With her roots in New Haven, a town of 800, she pursued her undergraduate degree at WKU and then journeyed west to Oklahoma State University for her master's degree. After spending time in Mississippi, she and her husband returned to their beloved Kentucky, where Stephanie found her place at Gatton College as an Academic Advisor in January 2009, a role she has embraced ever since.

What sets Gatton students apart for Stephanie is their incredible drive. These students are not only determined to excel but are also committed to crafting their unique paths. In the dynamic community of Gatton, every individual, from faculty to staff and administrators, shares an unwavering commitment to the students, a bond that shines through in every aspect of the college.

Here's a surprising twist! Stephanie's deep love for animals knows no bounds. Her recent journey to Kenya was a dream come true as she witnessed animals in their natural habitat on safari. Back home, she's surrounded by a furry family of her own, including four cats (Phineas, Effie, Luke, Leia) and a spirited dog (Spike). With two teenagers and a bustling household, her passion for animals creates a heartwarming harmony in their home.