Introducing Sam Garrison!

Originally from Oklahoma, Sam brings a wealth of experience and enthusiasm to Gatton College. Before joining the UK family, he served as the Assistant Director and Lead Football Advisor for student-athlete services at Georgia Southern University in Georgia. Having been at UK for just over a year, Sam has found his calling in advising, channeling his passion for athletics and student success.

What sets Sam on the path of advising? While coaching wasn't the perfect fit, he still desired to be closely involved with athletics and help students achieve their goals. Advising became the ideal opportunity for him to make a positive impact while being a part of the student-athlete journey.

What captivates Sam about Gatton and its students? It's the way Gatton students envision their lives after college and their unwavering determination to turn those dreams into reality. Their ambition and drive truly inspire him.

Now, here's a surprising fun fact about Sam: He has quite the adventurous side! Not only did he run Division 1 track in college, specializing in sprints and hurdles at Wichita State University, but he has also experienced a series of extraordinary natural events. Sam has encountered a hurricane, tornado, earthquake, blizzard, and even witnessed a volcanic eruption. Talk about a thrilling set of experiences!