Introducing Quentin Farris!


Hailing from Berea, Kentucky, Quentin brings his passion for student success to the vibrant community of Gatton College of Business. As a proud graduate of the University of Kentucky, he has deep roots in the Bluegrass State. In May 2023, Quentin joined Gatton as an advisor, marking the beginning of an exciting chapter in his career.

Quentin's journey in higher education began in 2018, initially working in admissions. However, driven by a desire to have a direct impact on students' lives, he made the transition to advising. With a genuine commitment to supporting and guiding students, Quentin found his calling in helping them navigate their academic journeys.

What Quentin values most about Gatton and its students is the sense of community and care. Since his arrival, he has experienced the warmth and helpfulness of everyone he has encountered, creating a welcoming environment. The students he has had the privilege of working with have consistently impressed him with their dedication and potential.

Here's a fun fact that might surprise you about Quentin: He has a diverse taste in music! While he appreciates a wide range of genres, it might catch you off guard to learn that he listens to a lot of country music. It's a delightful aspect of his personality that adds to his multifaceted nature.