Say hello to Howard Johnson!

Hailing from the island of Jamaica, Howard's journey led him to the US as a student athlete in Track and Field. With a strong passion for connecting with people and engaging in meaningful conversations, Howard brings his genuine enthusiasm to his role as an academic advisor at Gatton. He has been a proud member of the Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Inc. and has been a part of the UK family for 3 years.

Howard's journey from a student athlete to an academic advisor is a testament to his dedication to supporting others, particularly those with similar backgrounds. His desire to help individuals who share his experiences and socio-economic circumstances motivated him to become an advisor, driven by his own positive relationship with his academic advisor.

When it comes to Gatton, Howard is captivated by the student spaces within the college. Whether it's the social staircase, the inviting atrium, or the study rooms, these spaces provide a conducive environment for students to connect, study, and thrive.

Here's a fun twist! While Howard follows a vegan diet and doesn't consume meat, he enjoys cooking meat for others. It's a surprising yet delightful aspect of his culinary interests. And in the music realm, Celine Dion takes the spotlight as his favorite singer.