Introducing Brooke Harover!

Originally from Huntsville, Alabama, Brooke has proudly called Lexington home for over 15 years. Her educational journey led her to the University of Kentucky, where she earned both her Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts degrees in the College of Communication and Information.

After a brief venture in Thomasville, Georgia, Brooke returned to Lexington to make a difference in students' lives. She started her journey as the Scholarship Advisor in the Office of Academic Scholarships at UK before becoming the Gatton Honors Pathways Academic Advisor. For over a year and a half, she has been guiding and supporting students on their academic paths in Gatton.

What captivates Brooke about Gatton and Gatton students? It's the ambition and initiative they possess! As an advisor primarily working with Gatton Honors Pathway students and Wall Street Scholars Program students, she has witnessed their drive to chase their dreams and the hard work they put in to achieve them. The entrepreneurial spirit that permeates the College of Business is truly inspiring. Additionally, the people at Gatton, both students and colleagues, make it a remarkable place to work.

Now, here's a surprising fun fact about Brooke: The first and only fish she ever caught was a Pacu, a cousin of the piranha that looks absolutely terrifying! With her trusty Barbie fishing pole, she conquered the waters that day. However, she has sworn off fishing ever since!

This year, Brooke was also chosen as a recipient of the Ken Freedman Outstanding Advisor Award! This is an outstanding accomplishment and we are proud to have her here in our Undergraduate Resource Center!