Introducing Brianna Williamson!

Originally from Pike County, KY, Brianna has found her home in Richmond, where she has lived for nearly eight years. She earned her B.S. in Psychology from Eastern Kentucky University in 2019, and her passion for student support led her to pursue an M.A. in Student Personnel Services in Higher Education, which she completed in 2021. With her dedication to student success, Brianna joined the Gatton College as an academic advisor in early 2023, transitioning from her previous role as the Administrative Coordinator for the Department of Psychology at EKU.

What captivates Brianna about Gatton and its students? It's the genuine care and unwavering support that the college consistently provides for its students. She's been inspired by the number of conversations and meetings focused on one primary goal – how to better serve the students. Despite being new to the university and college, she's already developed a deep appreciation for the passion and determination of Gatton students to succeed in their individual educational and career paths. As an academic advisor, Brianna is thrilled to play a role in supporting and guiding students toward their goals.

Here's a fascinating fun fact about Brianna: She also has a background in art history! She studied the visually captivating Rococo period, and her senior thesis project explored the symbolism of animals in art during this movement. Her appreciation for art adds a unique and creative dimension to her diverse interests and expertise.