Ziliak, Bollinger, and Hokayem published in Journal of Business and Economic Statistics

Jim ZiliakChris Bollinger, and Gatton Ph.D alum, Charles Hokayem, had their paper entitled "Trends in Earnings Volatility using Linked Administrative and Survey Data" accepted for publication at the Journal of Business and Economic Statistics.

Abstract: We document trends in earnings volatility separately by gender using unique linked survey data from the CPS ASEC and Social Security earnings records for the tax years spanning 1995-2015. The exact data link permits us to focus on differences in measured volatility from earnings nonresponse, survey attrition, and measurement between survey and administrative earnings data reports, while holding constant the sampling frame. Our results for both men and women suggest that the level and trend in volatility is similar in the survey and administrative data, showing substantial business-cycle sensitivity among men but no overall trend among continuous workers, while women demonstrate no change in earnings volatility over the business cycle but a declining trend. A substantive difference emerges with the inclusion of imputed earnings among survey nonrespondents, suggesting that users of the ASEC drop earnings nonrespondents.