UK Welcomes New Gaines Fellows: Two Econ Majors

The University of Kentucky Gaines Center for the Humanities has selected undergraduate students as new scholars for the Gaines Fellowship Program. This highly competitive and prestigious program selects 12 UK students each academic year.

Fellowships are awarded in recognition of outstanding academic performance, a demonstrated ability to conduct independent research, an interest in public issues and a desire to enhance understanding of the human condition through the humanities. Founded in 1984 by a generous gift from John and Joan Gaines, the Gaines Center for the Humanities functions as a laboratory for imaginative and innovative education on UK’s campus. 

In a society where science and technology are increasingly dominant, the Gaines Fellowship in the Humanities is a one-of-a-kind, two-year program including both students and faculty from many different academic and personal backgrounds. 

“For nearly 40 years, the Gaines Center for the Humanities has welcomed a cohort of distinguished student to the undergraduate fellows program,” said Gaines Center Director Melynda Price. Each of these students were chosen through a highly competitive process.  They were chosen for their academic excellence, but also because of their work in their respective communities and demonstrations of leadership. This year’s cohort come from very different colleges and minors but by their participation in the Gaines Fellowship Program, they will join together for two years of deep immersion in the humanities.  We are excited to work with them and watch them as they develop as scholars.” 

This year’s scholars represent eight different colleges on campus including 2 economics majors. See UK's 12 new Gaines Fellows

Shria Holla, mathematical economics major, political science and statistics minors, Lewis Honors College 

Nicholas Relich, economics and political science major, Lewis Honors College 

“As a Gaines Fellow, I hope to gain a broader understanding of the inner workings of our society and how we represent that knowledge into higher academia,” UK sophomore Shria Holla said. “I also hope to gain a network of like-minded friends that will push my curiosity and perspectives.”

Successful applicants will make a two-year (four semester) commitment to the program, and while all Gaines students are expected to participate in the Center's activities throughout the fellowship, benefits and expectations vary by cohort and progress to completion.

Any student at the University of Kentucky may apply for a Gaines Fellowship. Students in all disciplines and with any intended profession are given equal consideration. Any undergraduate demonstrating excellence in his or her undergraduate career is encouraged to apply. Applicants must have two years of planned undergraduate study remaining and must have an outstanding academic record.