Gatton International Student Xuanhao Wo Trailblazes as Intern in Venture Capital Firm

“Take the opportunity if you see it. If you can’t, create it.” – is the motto of UK Wildcat Xuanhao Wo, who believes in creating his own opportunities for career growth. Unlike other internship opportunities, his current job as a finance intern didn’t exist when he applied. He earned it instead.

Wo, a Chinese international student majoring in finance, is currently working in Beijing as an investment analyst intern at Bertelsmann Asia Investment (BAI), one of the top venture capitalist companies in China. Founded in January 2008, BAI manages funds exceeding $3 billion and has invested in more than 160 portfolios including 10 IPOs and 20+ unicorns. The company focuses on sectors including urbanization and retail, finance, China-based global company, social media content and tech & infrastructure.

However, this internship didn’t exist prior to his start. After hard work and persistence in applying to the company, Wo started working in the public relations team in May 2020. He had such an exceptional performance that the financial manager created a new role for him within the finance department. Before Wo, there had been no such positions, but his determination and outstanding performance allowed him to create a role for himself.

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