Simon Says January 2020 Edition

Happy 2020! I’ve returned from an amazing holiday in Australia, and we’re ready for a “ripper-chipper” (that’s Australian for great) year here at Gatton.

In the January edition of Simon Says, you will hear from some amazing innovators.

Gatton alumnus Rex Tibbens - CEO and President of Frontdoor and one of our Executives in Residence - shares some inspirational words.

I also interviewed Mikayla Mitchell, a senior economics major who is our first ever Nathanial R. Morris Presidential Fellow. This bright young woman has a promising future ahead of her - she might even run for office some day!

Economics Lecturer Darshak Patel made Gatton proud by receiving the 2020 Great Teacher Award. It looks like we’re starting a tradition here - last year’s winner was Finance professor Wendy Liu.

And finally, I spoke to freshman Mason Hardesty who has a YouTube channel with over 100,000 subscribers. Get ready, because Mason and I are going to take the Gatton Mobile for a spin around campus!

Thanks for watching, and as always, GO CATS!

All the best,

Simon Sheather