Accounting Professor Sews Over 350 Masks

A group of more than 20 people decided to create handmade masks for healthcare workers and people in the community. 

"I have always been sewing, and so when people said they needed masks I just started sewing and then got involved in this," says Olivia Davis.

It's a way that this group of ladies decided to answer the call and help out in this time of need. They say they’ll collect about 100 masks today and then distribute them around town. Davis has made more than 350 masks since the COVID-19 outbreak in the US. She says being able to give back makes her feel like she's helping, in whatever way she can. 

"I'm always somebody who likes to, like Shoo Ling, give back whatever my skill set is and my skill set is not saving lives in the traditional sense,” says Davis. “So, being able to provide something to be a part of it is really inspiring and I'm really happy to help out those out there in healthcare and grocery and first responders."

The masks are going to be donated to different organizations in the community including some hospitals.

Olivia Davis is a lecturer in the Von Allmen School of Accountancy.

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