Simon Says - November Edition

The November Thanksgiving edition of Simon Says is all about something we're very thankful for here at the Gatton College - our outstanding alumni!

In honor of Veterans Day, we speak with Scott Kiser, Associate Deputy Assistant Secretary for the U.S. Air Force. With 27 years of active duty under his belt and the manager of a 70B budget, Scott is an ideal fit for our Executive in Residence program.

In this video, you'll meet individuals from our new Emerging Leaders Board - a diverse group of young alumni who are dedicated to making positive changes here in the college.

I also interviewed an outstanding student, Carlos Lewis, who was recently named a Forbes Under 30 Scholar. He described his experience at the Under 30 Summit in Detroit - and I learned about a few musical artists I hadn't heard of before!

In this season of thanks, I want to personally thank each and every one of you for all that you do the support the Gatton College. Have a wonderful holiday!

Next month, I'll return to my role as a roving reporter and ask a series of people about their new year's resolutions.

Until then, thanks for watching, and as always, GO CATS!

All the best,
Simon Sheather