Gatton Embraces Culture & Community at Mid-Autumn Festival

On Wednesday September 11, the Gatton College hosted its first-ever Autumn Moon Festival. The event was part of a brand new series called Gatton Connect - an opportunity for the whole Gatton community to learn together, have fun, and help create positive change. 

Although it was only an hour, the Autumn Moon Festival was a great success, and many people stopped by to join the festivities. Students, faculty and staff enjoyed Chinese mooncakes, delicate pastries with a sweet, dense filling, along with cups of hot tea. 

The event also served as an excellent opportunity to appreciate and spread awareness of Chinese culture. According to International Recruiter Yingnan Song, "As an international student, I deeply understand the diversity of Gatton College. I appreciate it. What’s more, I hope that our work can help to build the bridge between culture and culture."

Gatton Connect events take place the first Tuesday and Wednesday of each month. Events are offered both during the day and in the evening, in order to better fit into busy schedules. See the complete schedule here