Gatton’s Student Managed Investment Fund (SMIF) featured on “UK At the Half”

Gatton’s Student Managed Investment Fund (SMIF) was featured on UK’s radio show “UK At the Half” during the Cats exciting win over North Carolina on December 17. The SMIF, with the endorsement of the UK Board of Trustees, manages an investment portfolio of several million dollars. Finance adjunct faculty member and 2001 Gatton grad Quint Tatro, who leads the SMIF, talked about the Seale Finance Learning Center’s state-of-the-art trading capacity. “It has unbelievable potential to bring practical money management application to the students,” he said.

Gatton seniors John Troutman and Ross Hildebrant both praised the opportunity during the broadcast. “Finance 485 is an unprecedented opportunity that’s really not available anywhere else in the United States,” said Hildebrant, and Troutman agreed. “It also gives a sense of pride for us, because when we pick a stock we put in all that work, we want it to do well,” he said. “Our name is on it, so if it gains or loses money, it’s on us.” Tatro praised the students’ work and looks forward to the practical application of their skills down the road. “They are all absolutely outstanding in what they’re doing,” he said, “and they will make incredible professionals in the industry.” 

To hear the "UK at the Half" interview about SMIF, click here.