Selected Alumni Profiles

Amelia M. Biehl, Ph.D. 2007
Associate Professor, University of Michigan-Flint

Dissertation: The Taxpayer Relief Act of 1997 and Homeownership: Is Smaller Now Better? advised by Bill Hoyt
Other: Published in the American Economic Review Papers and Proceedings, Real Estate Economics, Economic Inquiry, the Journal of Economics, and Small Business Economics.
Why UK? "The Professors. Professors at UK are supportive and genuinely want their students to succeed. I continue to be amazed by their level of commitment to me and my career, several years after I finished graduate school."

Update fall 2016: Amelia is now at Florida Gulf Coast University


Rishav Bista, PhD 2012
Assistant Professor, Marshall University

Dissertation: The Role Of Extensive And Intensive Margin in International Trade, advised byJosh Ederington
Other: Founding member of Center for Community Growth and Development (CCGD) with Michael Newsome and Rebecca Tomasik; best paper award at the Kentucky Economic Association meetings.
Why UK? "Small and diverse program with significant amount of faculty-student interaction, and the opportunity to teach after the first year."

Bradley L. Hardley, PhD 2011
Assistant Professor,American University, School of Public Affairs

Dissertation: Income Volatility and Individual Well-Being, advised byJim Ziliak
Why UK? "Faculty at UK engage in economic policy questions, including those in my area of interest related to employment and poverty. Also, the experience working in the UK Center for Poverty Research gave me exposure to poverty scholars in an interdisciplinary environment. In general, UK professors pushed us quite hard, but were also very accessible and interested in mentoring and developing students."

Jill Kearns Hayter, PhD 2010
Associate Professor, East Tennessee State University

Dissertation: Career Interruptions: Wage and Gender Effects, advised by Ken Troske
Why UK? "The faculty. When choosing a graduate school I had no idea what to expect from the department of economics faculty. After completing the Ph.D. program, I can attest to the commitment of UK faculty. It has been five years since I graduated and I regularly seek professional advice from previous professors. They are committed to their students long past a dissertation defense or graduation date."

James W. Saunoris, PhD 2012
Assistant Professor, Eastern Michigan University

Dissertation: Fiscal Federalism and the Role of Intergovernmental Transfers, advised by Bill Hoyt and Chris Bollinger
Other: Published inPublic Choice,Public Finance Review,Journal of Applied Statistics, and other academic outlets.
Why UK? "The many things I enjoyed while attending UK include working with world-renowned and friendly faculty, UK's great work environment, opportunities to work with top-ranked faculty at the Center for Business and Economic Research and the Center for Poverty Research, and the excellent graduate support for both teaching and research."

Brandon J. Sheridan, PhD 2012
Assistant Professor, North Central College (Illinois)

Dissertation: Exports, Macroeconomic Policy, and Economic Growth, advised by Jenny Minier
Other: Published in Southern Economic JournalJournal of Macroeconomics
Why UK? "First and foremost, UK offered me a chance to work closely with top faculty in my field. The professors I encountered did a great job of pushing me to reach my potential, and showed me how to transition from being a consumer to a producer of knowledge. I also benefited from collaboration with peers in my class, which is a direct result of the camaraderie forged among the graduate students during the first weeks of the program - a key selling point when I was researching potential programs."

Update fall 2016: Brandon is now at Elon University