Diversity and Inclusion

Gatton's Commitment

At the Gatton College of Business and Economics, we are committed to creating an engaged, inclusive, and diverse academic and professional home for students, staff, and faculty. 

Encouraging a free exchange of ideas from different perspectives inspires students from all backgrounds to feel confident in their abilities and achieve their best. Through creating that welcoming environment, we are building the diverse community of innovative, engaged leaders that will strengthen businesses in Kentucky and beyond.

Diversity at Gatton includes multiple dimensions, from ethnicity and gender, to socio-economic status to religious beliefs and more. Inclusion ensures each person’s unique voices and viewpoints can be heard and valued. We are continually striving to incorporate diversity in everything that we do, from academic and leadership programs, to co-curricular activities, to daily business processes.

To meet these goals, we work collaboratively to create an environment where all of our students, faculty, and staff live or work in an environment of openness and acceptance, where we are all challenged to broaden our perspectives and challenge our thinking, and in which people of all backgrounds, identities, and perspectives can feel secure and welcome.

“Experience in a diverse community is critical to success in business, and directly impacts how our students and alumni are prepared to lead and to solve complex problems. At Gatton, we are committed to creating and maintaining an inclusive and diverse environment.”

Nicole Thorne Jenkins, Executive Associate Dean


Community in Gatton

Simon Says - Happy Holidays from Around the World!

Join Gatton's Dean Simon Sheather as he introduces us to students from around the world who share their holiday traditions! Happy Holidays from all of us at Gatton, both here and abroad!

Help us grow

We hope this information helps visualize the efforts taking place at Gatton and at the University of Kentucky, sparks conversation about ways we can continue to improve and inspires new ideas. We have much to celebrate, and at the same time we acknowledge there are many challenges to overcome as we work to build a truly diverse, inclusive and welcoming community for all. Contact us to share ideas about how to make our community more inclusive and diverse. You are welcome to keep up with university-wide diversity initiatives and resources here. We would love to hear from you, so please reach out any time!

Diversity News

Alex Rosenzweig grew up in Long Island, New York, some 750 miles away from Lexington, with no links to the Bluegrass State. Now, in his final year pursuing a degree in engineering and a minor in Jewish studies at the University of Kentucky, he says he is part of a “Big Blue family.”

Gatton College Diversity and Inclusion Committee Members

Christy Anderson
Chief Financial Officer
Adib Bagh
Associate Professor, Director of the Mathematical Economics Program
Adam Craig
Assistant Professor & Ashland Oil Research Fellow
Caroline Crane
Assistant Director of Philanthropy and Alumni Relations
De’ire Foxx
Academic Advisor
Ji Youn Kim
Assistant Professor of Management
Michelle Lowe
Associate Director of Events
Joia Patterson
Career Counselor, Internship Manager
Nicole Thorne Jenkins
Executive Associate Dean for Administration, Faculty and Research; Von Allmen Endowed Chair of Accountancy
Serenity Wright
Director of Honors Pathway Programs
David Ziebart
PwC Professor of Accountancy