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Accommodated Exam Coordinator 

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Accommodations Consultant

For Online Exam setup Questions contact:
Universal Design & Instruct Tech Spec
Jennifer Pusateri ​​

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Teach Anywhere

As we all continue to adapt, here is some additional information for assistance regarding accommodations.

The purpose of this guidance, related to the DRC's efforts to provide support to faculty and students, is to ensure the adequate provision of testing accommodations as required under federal law.

As a general guide: many of the accommodations (such as extended time and/or private and low distraction) will be able to be met on their own; however, some students’ accommodations may need to be reviewed on a case by case basis to determine how to best meet their needs (such as paper copy of the exam, reader, scribe, software usage and so on).


Notify your course/students of the plan going forward. Aka: alert them of the new format of the exam, the medium for giving those exams, and so on.
*A great starting point is https://teachanywhere.uky.edu/ which was developed by Teaching, Learning and Academic Innovation


a) Read through your students’ accommodation letters- note the student’s Testing Accommodations
*Please see the attached excel document: Reference List for Online Exams, as a general guide of the most common accommodations that you might see and how you could meet these exam accommodations for online exams. If you locate an accommodation on a letter that is not on the list and need assistance please let us know. Please note that this list is not all inclusive, it is just a guide for reference.

b) Use the accommodation letters to make necessary adjustments to the students’ testing session.

Example Accommodation Letter:

Testing Accommodations

  • Additional time on exams and quizzes: 100% additional time
  • Exams and Quizzes administered in a low distraction room
  • Allowance to read aloud and move freely in examination room as needed
  • Access to scrap paper provided during exams
  • Do not begin exams before: 9:30 AM
  • Exams scheduled to end no later than : 6 PM

STUDENT’S responsibility: will be to choose a location that meets all accommodations except the ones noted below for the instructor

INSTRUCTOR’S responsibility: make sure that the student has 100% extended time on the exam, and a time window to log in is between 9:30 am and 6:00 pm.
**Please note that if you choose to use ProctorU as a proctoring service they will need to be informed of the student’s accommodations. Example from above: 100% additional time, allowance to read aloud and move freely in examination room, access to scrap paper, and access between 9:30 am and 6:00 pm

This example would NOT require the DRC Testing Service

c) When creating online exams please keep in mind that WORD format or text typed into the online medium is most accessible for testing and accessibility purposes, PDF files are not. If you are in doubt of accessibility please contact the DRC. Jennifer Pusateri the Universal Design Consultant with CELT can assist in the development of accessible documents.

Some issues/concerns for the student that the DRC has thought of could include, but are not limited to:

  • No online access
  • No access to technology or accessible technology during the exam
  • The student’s set environment does not meet their accommodation needs
  • The student cannot access the exam materials without their full accommodations
  • The student is not able to take exams in an online format and is permitted to take a paper version of the exam
  • The student expresses concerns with online proctoring service(s)- if so please refer them to their DRC Consultant

*If any of the above or other concerns are expressed by the student please make Lindsay Jansen or the DRC Consultant aware of the situation immediately.

d.  Please keep in mind that new accommodations may be requested at any time as a result of the switch to online modality


Notify the DRC office of any accommodations you do not know how to meet, of any questions, concerns, or limitations that you might have for any student.