You are a Senior Human Resources Director for DHL. Give us a brief overview of that role. 

In addition to the expected human resources executive responsibilities (oversight and execution of talent acquisition and management, compensation and benefits administration, training and development, employee and labor relations, employee rewards and recognition,) this role demands a strategic mindset ensuring people fit the DHL Service Logistics culture and perform up to the business expectations.

You lived overseas as part of the job. Did your family come with you? 

My wife Nicole and I lived in Bonn, Germany during 2020 and just moved back to the U.S. this spring. We are currently living in Lauderdale by the Sea, Florida. 

We have two daughters – Lucy is at DePaul University earning a master’s in comedy screenwriting, and Sadie is studying sustainable fashion at High Point University.

What is the key to effective supply chain management, in your view? 

Putting the customer at the center of every decision allows DHL Supply Chain to connect people and improve lives.

What are the top qualities candidates should have if they are interested in the supply chain industry?

The candidates that best fit into the DHL culture can collaborate in a diverse team to deliver high performance; are eager to improve every day; prioritize delivering outstanding customer experiences, and value a global effort to lead in innovation and sustainable solutions.

What is something people might not know about being in your line of work?

During COVID-19, everyone learned the critical importance of the supply chain work supporting the global economy. Before 2020, individuals struggled to define supply chain management simply due to a lack of awareness. Not so today, thanks to keeping disinfectant on the store shelves and getting the COVID-19 vaccine to millions of people.

Aside from being a two-time Gatton graduate, you're also a UK Football alum. Can you tell us one of your best football memories?  

Homecoming (October 13, 1990) we beat Mississippi State University 17 to 15. Due to SEC roster limitations, Head Coach Bill Curry, Offensive Coordinator Tommy Bowden, and Assistant Head Coach and Tight Ends Coach Tommy Limbaugh made the decision to dress two tight ends for the game. I was the third tight end that game week. Since I would not be playing in the game, I attended Keeneland horse races earlier in the day; and tailgated with family and friends before the nighttime kickoff. Forty-five minutes before kickoff I made my way into the stadium to take my seat. As soon as I sat down, I heard my name being paged over the stadium public address system, “Pat Porter please come to the UK Football locker room”. I immediately ran to the locker room where I learned one of the tight ends sustained an injury before kickoff, and I would need to play in the game. Based on my game performance, Head Coach Curry awarded me one of the three game footballs. Besides the wonderful memories of being a Wildcat; having a game ball from my senior year Homecoming game is the next best treasure!

What did you learn at Gatton that helped set you up for success?

Prioritizing knowledge, people relationships, goals, determination, and a solid work ethic are critical to success.

When you think about the future of Gatton and UK, why is it important to give back?

Each year there are four seasons and life is made up of only so many seasons. Those before me reached back to pull me along. I am blessed because of those individuals and it is up to me to reach back and bring along the next generations so they can also experience amazing accomplishments and the value of giving back.

What is your most memorable travel adventure?

Maneuvering through Rome and the Italian countryside in a rental car. Small Italian cars and smaller streets created a life full of memories. Learning the Italian road signs is a must!

Which living person do you most admire?

Tommy Limbaugh, Bill Curry, and my parents.