Business Enterprise Living Learning Program

The Business Enterprise Learning Community is a residential experience designed to provide students with the opportunity to explore the multidisciplinary functions of the business field through connected coursework, regular interactions with faculty, staff, and peer mentors, as well as networking with business executives. The community also seeks to inspire the "entrepreneurial spirit" in Gatton students and provide additional academic support for a richer first-year experience.

Student Profile

The Business Enterprise Learning Community is a first-year program for declared business students who are interested in pursuing careers in one of the academic disciplines within the Gatton College: Accounting, Economics, Finance, Management, Marketing, or the exploratory business tack.

Learning Outcomes

Students participating in the Business Enterprise Learning community will achieve the following outcomes:

  • Students will have a better understanding of the majors and careers available in the business field.
  • Students will have more transitional support as first year students and more access to Gatton faculty, staff and resources prior to upper-division status.
  • Students will discover personal strengths and leadership styles through involvement in co-curricular activities and participation in service-learning initiatives.
  • Students will understand the importance of professional development and networking through a series of professionalism workshops and site visits to companies.


All students who participate in the Business Enterprise Learning Community will reside in Champion Court I located in the north campus neighborhood.

Course Connection

First Year Track: Students who participate in the Business Enterprise LLP will be required to enroll in the corresponding business section of UK 101: Freshman Orientation course for the fall semester. In addition, students will also be enrolled in B&E 201: Introduction to Business Enterprise for the Spring Semester. The purpose of this course is to provide an introductory level understanding of business concepts, which include business development, management, ethics, human resources, marketing, finance and business law.


In addition to the connected coursework, students will benefit from co-curricular programming focused on leadership, community engagement, and professional development. Students in the Business Enterprise community will have access to specialty programming such as in-residence tutoring, professionalism and leadership development workshops, business immersion trips, as well as networking events with faculty and business executives.