Digital Marketing Badge

In one summer, invest in your professional business skills and earn a badge to boost your digital marketing savvy. The two-course series includes an introduction to broad marketing concepts and a deeper dive into digital marketing strategy creation and evaluation. Open to all UK students, preference with at least sophomore standing. To earn the Digital Marketing badge, the courses must be started and completed during Summer 2020.

Course Schedule

June 10 – July 8

Learn about search engine optimization

MKT 315 Digital Marketing Creation
Online – Asynchronous

July 9 – August 5

Gain an understanding of social media marketing campaigns and effective evaluation techniques

MKT 325 Digital Marketing Strategy Evaluation
Online – Asynchronous

How to Apply

Current UK Students

Currently Enrolled UK students can register by logging in to myUK.

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Non-UK Students

Visiting students can easily apply on our Streamlined Non-Degree Application.

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