Graduate Certificate in Improving Healthcare Value

Finance and Business Track

Healthcare leaders are facing serious challenges balancing the requirements of clinical medicine and financial business strategies. The Graduate Certificate in Improving Healthcare Value will give you the business knowledge and training to meet today's healthcare management challenges.


The Graduate Certificate in Improving Healthcare Value is an inter-disciplinary certificate program led by a small team composed of senior faculty members from UK's Gatton College of Business and Economics, College of Public Health and College of Engineering. This certificate is intended to create educational opportunities for UK graduate students in a range of disciplines, for UK HealthCare staff, and for other healthcare workers to enhance their knowledge and skills related to improving the value (quality and cost) of health care services provided by hospitals, health systems, and academic medical centers. The Graduate Certificate in Improving Healthcare Value offers two tracks: Finance and Business and Quality & Safety Improvement. 

Finance/Business Track

The Finance and Business track of the Graduate Certificate in Improving Healthcare Value encompasses healthcare-specific courses in Accounting, Economics and Finance. CPH 600 is required for this track. 

  • CPH 600 - Health Services and Systems OrganizationAn introduction to the health care delivery system in the United States, including its composition, functioning, the interrelationships of organizations and professional groups within the system in various settings, health care terminology, and major problems and issues in the delivery of health services.
  • ACC 628 - Financial/Managerial Accounting OR CPH 655 - Management AccountingACC 628 - A study of the application of accounting information and services in the recognition or solution of management problems in business. Prereqs: ACC 201, or ACC 221 and 222 or its equivalent, and MA 123 or its equivalent. CPH 655 - This course introduces the use of management accounting techniques for decision making in healthcare organizations. Lectures, problems and cases will be used to focus on various types of healthcare organizations.
  • ECO 610 - Managerial Economics OR CPH 658 - Health EconomicsECO 610 - Analysis of applications of economic theory to management decision making. Such problems as demand and cost determination, pricing, and capital budgeting are treated. Prereqs: MA 123 or its equivalent. CPH 658 - Health policies and market forces impact the U.S. health care system in terms of access, cost, and quality. This course provides the perspective that economic reasoning is a valuable critical thinking approach to social science inquiry and demonstrates how this perspective helps students understand health care policy and market issues.
  • FIN 600 - Corporate Financial Policy OR CPH 652 - Health FinanceFIN 600 - A study of financial management from the viewpoint of the corporate financial officer. Areas studied include capital budgeting, capital structure, financing decisions, working capital management, dividend policy, and mergers and acquisitions. Prereqs: ECO 610 and ACC 628. CPH 652 - This course provides students an understanding of key principles of financial management as they are applied in healthcare organizations. Knowledge of key elements of strategic financial planning and their application in developing organizational plans and programs will be enhanced through the case study method.

Please note:

  • Students who are interested in earning an MBA as well as the Graduate Certificate are strongly encouraged to begin the Professional MBA (For Leaders in Healthcare) program as soon as possible
  • If a student first completes the Graduate Certificate and then decides to enroll into the Professional MBA or the Professional MBA (For Leaders in Healthcare) programs: 
    • It may take longer to complete due to the sequential nature of the MBA program. 
    • A total of 9 hours (or 25% of regular course degree requirements) may be transferred into a master’s degree program. Please refer to the full transfer credit policy stated on the Graduate School Bulletin.
  • Admission to or award of a graduate certificate does not guarantee admission to a degree program in the same or any other discipline

Application Steps:

  • Following Graduate School deadlines, all application materials must be received at least one month prior to the semester beginning. Students already enrolled in a graduate degree program may apply at any time.
  • Pre-approved Certificate courses that have already been completed may count towards the curriculum requirements. Requests to include these courses are made on the application. 
  • Students must submit an application through the UK Graduate School.

Quality & Safety Improvement Track

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For more information on the Graduate Certificate in Improving Healthcare Value (Finance and Business Track), please contact:

Christopher Carney
Director of MBA Recruitment
Gatton College of Business and Economics
University of Kentucky | Lexington, KY 40506
(859) 257-7645 (office) |

For more information on the Graduate Certificate in Improving Healthcare Value (Quality and Safety Improvement Track), please contact:

Julia F. Costich, JD, PhD
Professor, College of Public Health
Health Management & Policy Kentucky Injury Prevention and Research Center
University of Kentucky | Lexington, KY 40536-0003
859.257.6712 |

Jamie Taylor, MA
Academic Affairs Administrator of Student Engagement, Advising, & Success
University of Kentucky | Lexington, KY 40506
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