Real-Time, Online MBA

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Best Part Time MBA Programs US News & World Report, 2020


Online or on-site. Your choice.

July 1

Fall 2020 Professional MBA Application Deadline

What’s unique about Gatton’s real-time, online MBA?

The UK MBA is more than just classes and a business education degree. It's a redefining experience designed to help shape our students to be competitive, future business leaders who can contribute cross-functionally among different companies, industries and leadership capacities.


Attend class in person, online from any location, or a combination of both.


Build remote work skills and professional experience through peer interaction.


Customize your degree with a variety of electives.


Real-time component provides accountability.


Learn and participate virtually and in person with faculty, classmates, and project teams.


Enjoy access to the college’s on-campus Graham Office of Career Management and a network of 300,000 alumni.

Advance Your Career

Live interaction with fellow professionals and faculty, plus access to the Gatton College’s Graham Office of Career Management, help you build the connections to take that next leap forward in your career.

A Redefining Business Experience

Learn the skills you need on a schedule that works for you, from faculty who know the business world.

Learn & engage with other healthcare professionals

Through customized courses, you'll learn from experienced professors, peers and other industry leaders.

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