Parking and Campus Maps

The walk time to Gatton is about twenty minutes (according to Google) from the downtown hotels we list. There are parking options (depending on day or time) but you may prefer to walk from your hotel especially for the Friday sessions given the few options and that driving on parts of campus is restricted until 3.30pm on Friday.

The following spots are all five minute walks or less to Gatton.

Friday before 3:30pm

Most university spots are restricted so parking is limited. There is:

There is also a park and pay spot across the street from this lot with a few spaces

There is a parking garage on 409 South Limestone near Gatton open on Friday but it "closes" at 6pm. You can exit after 6pm that night (ignore the 'towing' sign; what "closes" means is that there is no one on site to assist after 6pm, so if you have any problem using the pay machines (located on 1st & 3rd floor) you may have difficulty exiting.

Friday after 3:30pm, Saturday and Sunday

Most University spaces are open for visitors. More specifically, you can use

  1. The two locations listed above
  2. The Scott Street lot, which has lots of spaces (location ID: PK0009a)
  3. The Prall Street lot (location ID: PK0054a) faculty and staff spots become available on the weekend.
  4. The Whalen lot (location ID: PK0012a) on Colfax Street.

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