Research: Management


Responding to Crises With Speed and Agility

“It’s as if we woke up and it was suddenly Cyber Monday, but everyone in the world wanted only one product, and it was a product that basically didn’t exist two weeks before.”


Exiting Employees: Traitor or Trailblazer?

Meet Bob. He used to work at Google as a software engineer, but he came up with a great idea for a new venture, and he left to pursue his dream. Is he a traitor to Google?

The reflex characterization of employee mobility as negative got Ji Youn (Rose) Kim thinking, and the result is a research article she co-authored with H. Kevin Steensma, titled “Employee Mobility, Spin-outs, and Knowledge Spill-In: How Incumbent Firms Can Learn from New Ventures," published in Strategic Management Journal.


Do Powerful People Perceive their Social Networks More Accurately?

The University of Kentucky’s #2 most-cited researcher, Gatton management professor Steve Borgatti’s work in social network analysis is used worldwide to help companies become better structured for success.


Subtraction by Addition

Gatton management professor Joe Labianca looks at why many high-performing employees choose to leave their companies in the event of a merger.