Josh Ackerman
Adjunct Professor
Alexis Allen
Assistant Professor
Urton Anderson
EY Professor
Adib Bagh
Associate Professor, Director of the Mathematical Economics Program
Leonce Bargeron
PNC Associate Professor of Finance
Felipe Benguria
Assistant Professor
David Blackwell
Professor of Finance
Glenn Blomquist
Professor of Economics and Public Policy Emeritus
Chris Bollinger
Sturgill Endowed Professor of Economics and Executive Director of the Kentucky Research Data Center
Steve Borgatti
Professor & Gatton Endowed Chair
Dan Brass
J Henning Hilliard Professor of Innovation Management
Brian Bratten
Director and Gatton Chaired Professor
Raymond Burgess
Senior Lecturer
Josh Bush
Monika Causholli
Deloitte Associate Professor
Jon Chait
Lecturer in Finance
Carol Chavez
Lecturer in Supply Chain
Haipeng (Allan) Chen
Professor, Gatton Endowed Chair in Marketing, University Research Professor, and Department Chair
Paul Childs
Associate Dean for MBA and Online Programs
Myrtle Clark
Associate Professor
Mike Clark
Associate Professor; Director of the Center for Business and Economic Research
Charlie Clarke
Assistant Professor of Finance
Grant Clayton
Assistant Professor of Finance
Chris Clifford
Chair, Department of Finance and Quant. Methods; Phillip Morris Associate Professor of Finance
Ben Commerford
Arthur Andersen Associate Professor
Whitney Conner
Adjunct Faculty, Business Analytics
Charles Courtemanche
Associate Professor and Director of the Institute for the Study of Free Enterprise
Adam Craig
Associate Professor & Ashland Oil Research Fellow
Anthony Creane
Gatton Endowed Professor
Igor Cunha
William B. Sturgill Associate Professor of Finance
Rajeev Darolia
Associate Professor, Martin School of Public Policy and Administration
Olivia Davis
Associate Director and Lecturer
Alison Davis
Professor, Department of Agricultural Economics, College of Agriculture, Food, and the Environment
Rebecca Davis
Senior Lecturer
Koustav De
Assistant Professor
Alejandro Dellachiesa
Lecturer in Economics
Zack Edens
Director of Undergraduate Studies/Lecturer
Josh Ederington
Gatton Endowed Professor of Economics and Director of Graduate Studies
Adam Evans
Wally Ferrier
Department Chair, Professor of Management
John Garen
BB&T Professor
Aaron Garvey
Associate Professor & Ashland Oil Research Professor of Marketing
Will Gerken
Real Estate Endowed Associate Professor of Finance
Bob Gillette
Associate Professor
Nargess Golshan
Assistant Professor
Denotra Gunther
Adjunct Faculty
Karl Gustafson
Lecturer, Project Connect Leader
Shane Hadden
Deputy Chair of Students Lecturer, Department of Finance
Dan Halgin
Associate Professor of Management
Kristine Hankins
William E. Seale Endowed Professor of Finance
Holly Hapke
Senior Lecturer
David Hardesty
Professor, University Research Professor
Andrew Hart
Adjunct Professor
Corinne Hassler
Assistant Professor
Ana María Herrera
Professor and Associate Chair
Sam Heshmati
Lecturer in Business Analytics
William Hoyt
Endowed Professor, Martin School of Public Policy and Administration
Gail Hoyt
Professor of Economics and Gatton College Teaching Fellow
Zhi Huang
Ashland Oil Endowed Associate Professor in Management
David Hulse
Associate Professor
Russell Jame
Garvice D. Kincaid Associate Professor of Finance
Nancy Johnson
Associate Dean of International and Graduate Programs &Kalam India Studies Endowed Professor of Management
Susan Jordan
Associate Professor Emerita of Finance
Scott Kelley
Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs, Professor of Marketing
Yoonbai Kim
Ji Youn (Rose) Kim
Gatton Endowed Associate Professor of Management
Jack Kirn
Tyler Kleppe
Assistant Professor
Deanna Kolar
Senior Lecturer
Carlos Lamarche
Gatton Endowed Professor of Economics, Director of Graduate Studies
Anita Lee-Post
Associate Professor
Thomas Lewis
Senior Lecturer
Huiwen Lian
Gatton Endowed Associate Professor of Management, Director of Graduate Studies
Wendy Liu
Director of Wall Street ScholarsDirector of Undergraduate Studies Senior Lecturer of FinancePelissier Teaching Fellow
Mark Liu
Associate Professor of Finance, Director of MS Finance Program
Steven Lugauer
Associate Professor
Lala Ma
Assistant Professor
Roger Madden
Adjunct Faculty
Yunke Mai
Assistant Professor
Olga Malkova
Assistant Professor
Paulo Manoel
Assistant Professor of Finance
Ian McClure
Adjunct Faculty
Ajay Mehra
Gatton Endowed Professor
Cynthia Miller
Senior Lecturer
Jenny Minier
Professor of Economics
Jordan Moffett
Assistant Professor
Eric Monday
UK Executive Vice President for Finance and Administration
Brian Murtha
Associate Professor and E. Vernon & William Smith Endowed Fellow
David Osborne
Adjunct Faculty
Ram Pakath
Darshak Patel
Director of Undergraduate Studies/Senior Lecturer
Brad Patrick
Executive in Residence
Jeff Payne
KPMG Professor
Gary Payne
Adjunct Faculty
Sean Peffer
Associate Professor
John Peloza
Associate Dean for Research, Vernon and William Smith Professor of Marketing
Thomas Pope
Associate Professor
Aaron Roeschley
Assistant Professor
Benjamin Rosa
Assistant Professor and Affiliate of the Institute for the Study of Free Enterprise
Craig Rudick
Executive Director of Institutional Research and Lead Data Scientist
Frank Scott
Gatton Endowed Professor in Economics
Daniel Sheehan
Assistant Professor in Marketing and Supply Chain
Jennifer Siebenthaler
Associate Dean for Undergraduate Affairs and Senior Lecturer
Randall Siever
Adjunct Faculty
John Smigla
MSACC Director, Senior Lecturer
Scott Soltis
Assistant Professor of Management
David Sovich
Assistant Professor of Finance
Mary Kathryn Starkey
Director of Analytics
Randall Stevens
Adjunct Faculty
Dan Stone
Rosenthal Endowed Chair, Director of the Minor in Business Analytics
Haoying Sun
Associate Professor
Quint Tatro
Adjunct Faculty of Finance
Quint Tatro
Adjunct Faculty
Ken Troske
Richard W. and Janis H. Furst Endowed Chair of Economics
Leslie Vincent
Senior Lecturer
Cynthia Vines
Director of UKCFP, Associate Professor
Teresa Waters
Endowed Professor and Chair, Department of Health Management and Policy, College of Public Health
Jane Wells
Associate Professor
David Wildasin
Endowed Professor of Public Finance (Emeritus), Martin School of Public Policy and Administration and Professor (Emeritus)
Mikhail Wolfson
Assistant Professor of Management
Hong Xie
Associate Professor
Aaron Yelowitz
Professor of Economics
Susan Zhu
Assistant Professor of Management
Dave Ziebart
PwC Professor
James Ziliak
Department Chair; Gatton Endowed Chair in Microeconomics; University Research Professor; Director of the Center for Poverty Research