On Friday, September 13, Kristine Hankins presented "Corporate Responses to Stock Price Fragility" (co-authored with Richard Friberg, Stockholm School of Economics, and Itay Goldstein, Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania) at Syracuse University. 

Gatton's Department of Finance and Quantitative Methods has launched an exciting new opportunity for first-year students. Wall Street Scholars is a competitive experience open to no more than 30 freshmen students. It includes an accelerated curriculum enhanced by co-curricular activities and soft skill development. The experience is open to first-year students who would consider choosing or adding finance as a pre-major, major, or co-major. 

Will Gerken was cited by SEC commissioner Robert Jackson in his public statement on the Final Rules Governing Investment Advice Regulation Best Interest (Reg BI). In it, Jackson states that, "The well-known study shows that conflicted advice is the kind that leads to fraud that can hurt investors." 

Ram Pakath’s article, “Numerical, Secondary Big Data Quality Issues, Quality Threshold Establishment, & Guidelines for Journal Policy Development,” authored jointly with Anita Lee-Post, is forthcoming in Decision Support Systems.

Congratulations to Andrew Buskill, Bryce Kushner, Connor McKee and Graham Sparks on being awarded scholarships for the December 2019 CFA exam. This exam is the first step in earning the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) credential; the most respected and recognized investment management designation in the world.

More information about Gatton's CFA University Affiliation Program and exam scholarships is available here.   

Kristine Hankins delivered the keynote lecture at the Dayton Summer Finance Workshop on July 26.

Leonce Bargeron’s paper “Why do Firms Disagree with Short Sellers? Managerial Myopia Versus Private Information”, co-authored with Alice Bonaime, has been accepted for publication at the Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis.

Kristine Hankins' paper, "Do Firms Hedge During Distress?", co-authored with Heitor Almeida (Illinois, NBER) and Ryan Williams (University of Arizona), won the Best Paper in Risk Management at the European Financial Management Association's 2019 meeting.

The Gatton College of Business and Economics is proud to announce the results from the second annual stock pitch competition at the University of Kentucky. Sponsored by the Department of Finance and Quantitative Methods, the competition was open to all students enrolled full-time in undergraduate or master’s-level programs at the University of Kentucky. The Gatton College and the Finance Society coordinated in organizing the competition.

Deadline for UK Stock Pitch Competition Team Formations and mentoring request has been extended to February 22 (Friday). Each team should be 2-4 members. You may request to be assigned to a team if you don’t have any team members.