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Relocation of the Rich: Migration in Response to Tax Rate Changes from Spanish Reforms

Review of Economics and Statistics

Agrawal, David, and Dirk Foremny

Preserving Bidder Privacy in Assignment Auctions: Design and Measurement

Management Science

Bagh, Adib, and De Liu

After the Panic: Do Financial Crises Cause Demand or Supply Shocks? Evidence from International Trade

The American Economic Review: Insights

Benguria, Felipe, and Alan M. Taylor

Trouble in the Tails? What We Know About Earnings Nonresponse Thirty Years After Lillard, Smith, and Welch

Journal of Political Economy

Bollinger, Christopher R., Barry Hirsch, Charles Hokayem, and James P. Ziliak

Strong Social Distancing Measures Reduced the COVID-19 Growth Rate

Health Affairs

Courtemanche, Charles, Joseph Garuccio, Anh Le, Josh Pinkston, and Aaron Yelowitz

The Effect of Oil Supply Shocks on Economic Activity: What Have We Learned?

Journal of Applied Econometrics

Herrera, Ana Maria, and Sandeep Kumar Rangaraju

Can customary land tenure facilitate agricultural productivity growth? Evidence from Burkina Faso

Land Economics

Kusunose, Yoko, Veronique Theriault, and Didier Y. Alia

A Panel Quantile Approach to Attrition Bias in Big Data: Evidence from a Randomized Experiment

Journal of Econometrics

Harding, Matthew, and Carlos Lamarche

Is Fertility a Leading Indicator?

The Economic Journal

Buckles, Kasey, Daniel Hungerman, and Steven Lugauer

Mapping the Clean Air Haves and Have-nots


Ma, Lala

Did Soviet Elderly Employment Respond to Financial Incentives? Evidence from Pension Reforms

Journal of Public Economics

Malkova, Olga

Single Bidders and Tacit Collusion in Highway Procurement Auctions

The Journal of Industrial Economics

Barrus, David, and Frank Scott

Risk and Discrimination

BE Journal of Economics and Policy

Ederington, Josh, Jenny Minier, and Jill Stowe

The Allocation and Exchange of Property Rights as a Way to Understand Comparative Economics Systems and Managerial Economics

Journal of Private Enterprise

Garen, John

Learning by Giving Applied in a Course on the Economics of Altruism, Philanthropy, and Nonprofit Organizations: A Cure for the Mid-Career Crisis

Journal of Economic Education

Hoyt, Gail

Early Causes of Financial Disquiet and the Gender Gap in Financial Literacy: Evidence from College Students in the Southeastern United States

Journal of Family and Economic Issues

AL-Bahrani, Abdullah, Whitney Douglas-Buser, Darshak Patel