Commonwealth Supply Chain Innovation Award

The Commonwealth Supply Chain Innovation Award honors individuals and/or organizations that have demonstrated operational excellence in supply chain management as evidenced in a recently completed supply chain improvement project.

The recipient of the Commonwealth Supply Chain Innovation Award will be recognized at the 2024 Supply Chain Forum. In addition, the winning submission will be featured at the next Supply Chain Forum and within associated promotional materials. The winning organization qualifies for future supply chain improvement project support from graduate students enrolled in Gatton College's One Year MBA program.

Past Recipients

2015 - Lexmark International
2016 - TempurSealy Inc.
2017 - Lexmark International
2018 - RJ Corman
2019 Toyota Motor North America
2020 - Escalade Sports
2021 - SCIP

2023 - Toyota Motor Manufacturing, Kentucky

Submission Guidelines

Candidates must submit a brief description of their projects. Finalists chosen from the initial round will be notified, and may then present more extensive project descriptions. The project must be fully implemented, completed within the 2023 calendar year, and have tangible performance results that reflect successful implementation. Submissions should not include any proprietary information that cannot be shared with the broader community of supply chain professionals. Submissions must address each criterion outlined in the “Submission Criteria” section below. Each organization and individual may submit a maximum of two entries to this competition.

Deadline: February 15, 2024

Follow-up questions can be directed to Carol Chavez, or 804-938-0954.

Submission Criteria

Initial submission should be organized in accordance with the criteria listed in the following two sections. Finalists will be contacted to present more extensive project descriptions.

Section 1 - Required Information

  1. Provide the name of the submitting organization (corporation, service, etc.).
  2. Identify the organizational unit responding (site, function, etc.).
  3. Provide a brief mission description of the overall business objectives, product lines, and mission of the organization.
  4. Provide a point of contact for each supply chain partner (direct contact information may be requested).
  5. Do you plan on attending the Gatton College Supply Chain Forum March 27-28, 2024?

Section 2 - Project Information

  1. Provide a brief description of the supply chain and the processes the submission spans.
  2. How has your organization’s initiative demonstrated operational excellence, leadership, or innovation in the field and improved supply chain performance in the past 12 months? Please describe the impact or results of those initiatives with as much specificity as possible.
  3. What are some things that the organization has done to support and advance supply chain?

Section 1 - Required Information
Section 2 - Project Information