Getting Started with Solstice

Solstice enables multiple users to connect and share content from their laptops and mobile devices to the display in the room, fostering collaboration. First time users should follow the instructions below to get the Solstice app, connect, and begin sharing.

Connect & Share

  1. Join the ukyedu wireless network, open a web browser on your device, and browse to the IP address visible on the display
  2. Click 'Connect!' to download the client software app. Then launch the downloaded app to connect to the Solstice display.
  3. If a screen key is required to connect, a dialogue box will appear. Enter the screen key in the lower left corner of the display.
  4. The Solstice SHARE panel appears upon connection. Select something to share from the sharing options available.

Using the Solstice App

  1. When the Solstice app is launched, the CONNECT panel will list displays for connection. Click to connect to a display or enter the display's IP address. Alternatively, click the settings button and add solstice.ad.uky.edu as the solstice directory service address. This will list all Solstice displays in the building.
  2. If a screen key is required, a dialogue box will appear. Enter the screen key (lower left corner of the display).
  3. The SHARE panel appears upon connecting to a display. Select some­ thing to share from the sharing options available.
  4. The CONTROL panel is used to move/control shared posts on the display. Navigate between the Share and Control panels using the left side bar menu in the Solstice app.