What is Solstice?

Solstice is Mersive’s wireless visual collaboration software that enables users to connect laptops and mobile devices to the display in the room for unlimited simultaneous sharing. It can be used in study rooms, classrooms, conference rooms, etc. – anywhere that media needs to be shared between mobile devices and displays or visual data is used as part of a collaborative group discussion.

Why would I want to use Solstice instead of connecting with a video cable or using another hardware connection?

With Solstice, you can walk into a room and connect any device to the display, no cables or additional hardware required. You don’t need to worry if you have the right adapter or brought the right cable. You also do not have to pass the cable around or wait for the cable to become available before you can share your content to the display. Solstice supports an unlimited number of people connecting to the display simultaneously enabling visual collaboration that goes well beyond what is possible with a video cable and one person sharing content.

Where can I download Solstice?


Why doesn't Airplay work on my iOS device

This is usually caused by incompatible versions of either iOS or Solstice. Make sure both are the newest available version.

Why am I getting an error when I try to connect to Solstice?

Users laptop/tablet/phone must be on the same wireless network as the computers running Solstice. Make sure your device is using the ukyedu wireless network.

My issue isn't listed or I'm still having trouble connecting to Solstice

Please contact the Gatton Technical Support Team at (859)257-5892 or stop by our office in 337.