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The University of Kentucky MBA

Equipping world-ready leaders for tomorrow's business world. 

We believe that an MBA from the University of Kentucky offers more than just a business education. Our program offers exclusive networking opportunities, and the backing of a university alumni base of more than 240,000 in all 50 states and many countries around the world. Our alumni connection here at the University of Kentucky is proven and we will help you build relationships with this established community of friends and business partners. Our brand new, state-of-the-art business education complex, places the new Gatton College of Business and Economics building at the top of the best business facilities in the country. Outfitted with high-tech classrooms and laboratories, the new Gatton transforms and modernizes the way students learn and conduct research. In conclusion, an MBA at the University of Kentucky offers advantages and opportunities that are just not available anywhere else. 

It's more than just classes, it's a redefining experience. 

We believe that an MBA from the University of Kentucky is not your typical MBA degree. More than simply a business education degree, our MBA is a redefining experience designed to help shape our students into future business leaders. Housed inside the newly-renovated $65 million Gatton College of Business and Economics (which was funded 100% through philanthropy), we are equipped to give our MBAs a broader understanding of business functions through engagement and collaboration. Our students are immersed with real-world business experiences brought into the classroom by market-leading executives and our world-renowned faculty. Our students have the ability to conduct cutting-edge research and network with leading business executives and academic scholars, along with exclusive collaboration with regional, national and international companies.

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