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Russell Williamson

PhD Program: Concentration in Accounting
Years in Program: 5
Expected Graduation: 2019


Formerly in the Risk Consulting Division of Ernst & Young, I am a CPA and a Ph.D. candidate in Accounting at the University of Kentucky. I will attend the December 2018 Accounting PhD Rookie Recruiting and Research Camp and be accepting an placement for Fall of 2019.

My research is focused on how non-financial forces shape the production of financial information, specifically I am interested in the economic geography of human networks, labor markets, and social and environmental information. Specifically I have produced research investigating the effect of mandatory performance measurement on firm non-financial performance and the market’s reaction to performance improvement and voluntary disclosure; the effect of local livability on audit production markets including fees and audit quality, and the effect of shared tenure between the CFO and audit firm on audit quality.

My dissertation examines how long run wage trends and personal debt in different areas of the accounting profession affect the observable components of financial information quality and the audit production function.

In my public accounting work I focused on the design, implementation, rationalization, and optimization of business process and IT controls. My work included control design around IT system implementations, pre-IPO SOX gap analysis, control rationalization between firms post-merger / acquisition, and operational performance improvement.

I enjoy teaching information systems classes and interested in teaching classes related to auditing, risk, information security, and corporate social responsibility.

I really enjoy Karaoke, probably more than I should.

Contact Information

From: Lexington, KY

Fields of Concentration

Economic Geography
Non-Financial Information
Voluntary Disclosure
and Capital Markets Audit Contracting
Audit Quality
Auditor Specialization

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