PhD Program Graduates

Name Graduation Year Position after Graduation Current Rank and University
Xinlei (Ray) Zhao 2018 University of Toledo Assistant Professor
Chong Wang 2017 Hong Kong Polytechnic University Assistant Professor
Pinky Rusli 2017 Montana State University Assistant Professor
Philip Chung 2016 Christopher Newport University Assistant Professor, Christopher Newport University
Robert Ewing 2016 New Mexico State University Assistant Professor, New Mexico State
Matthew Sooy 2016 Western University (CA) Assistant Professor, Western University
Yu-Tzu Chang 2015 National Chengchi University Assistant Professor, Taiwan
Sid Bundy 2014 Middle Tennessee State University Instructor, Tennessee Tech University
Marcus Doxey 2013 University of Alabama-Tuscaloosa Assistant Professor, University of Alabama-Tuscaloosa
Hongmei Jia 2013 Louisiana Tech University Assistant Professor, Louisiana Tech University
Jonathan Ross 2013 Binghamton (SUNY) University Assistant Professor, Binghamton (SUNY) University
Candace Witherspoon 2012 Valdosta State University Assistant Professor, Valdosta State University
Mary Beth (Holbrook) Healy 2011 Eastern Kentucky University Associate Professor, Eastern Kentucky University
Jason Bergner 2011 University of Central Missouri Assistant Professor, University of Nevada Reno
Kevin (Cheong) Park 2011 University of Michigan-Dearborn Assistant Professor, University of Michigan-Dearborn
Stephen Brigham 2010 University of Wisconsion Oshkosh Professor of Practice, Michigan State University
Tim Miller 2010 Kent State University Associate Professor, Xavier University
Hank Alewine 2010 University of Alabama-Huntsville Assistant Professor, University of Alabama-Huntsville
Audrey Scarlata 2009 East Carolina University Assistant Professor, Middle Tennessee State University
Timothy Mitchell 2008 Georgia State University Assistant Professor, University of Waterloo
Cam (Ronald) Cockrell 2007 University of North Texas Assistant Professor, Xavier University
Mary Phillips 2005 Middle Tennessee State University Associate Professor (ret.), Middle Tennesse State University
Teresa Stephenson 2005 University of Wyoming Associate Professor, University of South Dakota
James (DoJin) Jung 2004 West Texas A&M University Associate Professor, Chung-ang University
Stacey Wade 2004 Western Kentucky University Assistant Professor, Western Kentucky University
Ertambang Nahartyo 2003 Gadjah Mada University Assistant Professor, Gadjah Mada University
Sony Warsono 2003 Gadjah Mada University Assistant Professor, Gadjah Mada University
Julia Brennan-Camp 2002 University of Massachusetts Associate Professor, Providence College
Sharon Cox 2001 University of Hawaii Lecturer, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Elizabeth Payne 2001 Xavier University Associate Professor, University of Louisville
Laurie Burney 2000 University of North Carolina Associate Professor, Baylor University
Clement Chih Hao Chen 2000 University of Michigan-Flint Professor and Chair, Department of Accounting, University of Michigan-Flint
Dwight David McIntyre 2000 Clemson University Associate Professor, Georgia College
Keith Jones 2000 Ball State University Professor, University of North Alabama