Academy of Management Annual Meetings

Posted: August 16, 2016

Faculty and PhD student activities and research presentations at the Academy of Management Annual Meetings in Anaheim, CA, August 6-10:

Wyatt Taylor, Eric Gladstone, and Ajay Mehra with T. Grosser and R. Assudani presented " Employee Perceptions of Network Change Following an Organizational Change."

Dan Halgin was on the All-Academy Theme Program Committee for the conference, led the Professional Development Workshop "Introduction to Social Network Analysis in Management Research" with Bala Vissa (INSEAD), Tanya Menon (Ohio State), Rich DeJordy (Northeastern) and Russ Funk (Minnesota) and presented "An Empirical Examination of the Performance Outcomes of Stewardship Behavior" with Morela Hernandez (UVa Darden) and Cristiano Guarana (UVa Darden).  

Ajay Mehra presented "Ideal Images of Social Network Brokers and the Performance of Men and Women" with R. Brands and "Leader-Follower Relationship Quality in a Global Environment" with N. Smyrlakis and G.  Soda.

Eric Gladstone presented "Negotiation, Empathy, and Obesity."

Joe Labianca organized the "Advanced Networks" Professional Development Workshop with assistance from Meredith Woehler, Wyatt Taylor, and Courtney Hart.  He also led roundtables at the "Teaching Social Networks" Professional Development Workshop, was a discussant on the "Relationship Dynamics" presentations session, and presented "Reference Groups, Workplace Envy, and Behavioral Reactions" with C. Sterling and N. P. Shah,  and  "Social Network Determinants of Involuntary Turnover" with A. Gerbasi, and T. Floyd.