LINKS Center Social Network Analysis Workshop

Posted: July 05, 2016

Steve Borgatti organized the highly successful 9th Annual LINKS Center Social Network Analysis Workshop June 6-10. Approximately 150 participants, representing 14 different countries, attended.  In addition to LINKS Center faculty and graduate students, guest instructors included David Krackhardt (Carnegie Mellon), Phil Wilburn and Kristin Cullen (Center for Creative Leadership), Jeff Johnson (U. of Florida), Rich DeJordy (Northeastern U.), Tom Valente (U. of Southern California), Alan Daly (U. of California-San Diego) and Filip Agneessens (U. of Surrey). Special thanks to Connie Blakemore, Debbie Reed, and Scott Soltis for handling the logistics.  In the follow-up participant evaluations, 99% said they were “satisfied” or “very satisfied” and 77% said they were interested in returning next year.