Community Service Information

Each returning member is required to complete 8 hours of community service per semester and each pledge is required to complete 10 hours as follows.

  • 4 hours Financial Literacy Involvement through BAP.
  • The remaining hours of community service may be done either within BAP or outside of BAP with pre-approval from the VP of Community Service.
  • If you choose to volunteer outside of Beta Alpha Psi, you must fill out theĀ Outside Community Service Hours Form.
  • An important note for returning members from Fall semester, is that you are limited to 5 hours of outside community service per academic year, so any outside hours from the past semester will reduce the amount of outside hours available to you this semester. (Note: This is not relevant for this semester since it is a new academic year)
  • If you fail to complete the form, you will earn no credit.
  • If you have any questions about BAP Community Service Requirements, please contact Max Wasson.

Group Service Opportunities

Habitat for Humanity

Lexington Habitat for Humanity, Inc. is an ecumenical Christian ministry partnering with volunteers and donors to eliminate substandard housing. Families in need achieve homeownership by purchasing simple, decent affordable homes they help build with community partners.

  • Date(s): TBD
  • Time: TBD
  • Location: TBD
  • Hours Awarded: Hours Volunteered
  • This does not qualify for financial literacy!

Gods Pantry

Gods Pantry Food Bank, Inc. is a great local charity here in the Lexington founded to fight hunger in state of Kentucky. They collect and deliver food to a network of over 275 agencies serving the majority of the eastern half of the state

  • Date(s): TBD
  • Time: TBD
  • Location: 1685 Jaggie Fox Way
  • Hours Awarded: 2 hours
  • This does not qualify for financial literacy!

Financial Literacy Involvement Opportunities (4 Hours Required)

Junior Achievement

JA is a non-profit organization that partners with volunteers from the community to teach elementary students about their roles as individuals, workers and consumers, and to prepare middle/high school students for key economic and workforce issues they will face. JAs purpose is to inspire young people to value free enterprise, business and economics to improve the quality of their lives and be workforce ready.

  • Students will team up in 3 person groups and select a class to teach. You will need to select a day of the week that you will be available 6 weeks in a row.
  • Dates/Times: Groups selected, 6 consecutive weeks
  • Location: Various Elementary, Middle, & High Schools in Lexington
  • Hours Awarded: 7 (One per class and one for planning)
  • Complete and return the application forms by TBA. Please note the application includes a mandatory background check that is completed online ( at no charge to the student that must be done by that date as well.
  • Returning volunteers to JA need not submit the forms, but will still need to sign up on the above link by TBA with their group, and any member who has not been with JA in the group needs to complete the form and background check.
  • Any student that does not complete the application form or background check will not be permitted to participate.
  • New volunteers must attend the MANDATORY training that will be provided by Ron Wigglesworth, Senior Program Manager for JA of the Bluegrass, on TBA (which will be held after the technical meeting).


Provide tutoring assistance to students in accounting courses.

  • Dates/Times: Based on students needs
  • Location: Set by tutor and student
  • Hours Awarded: Number of hours spent with student requesting tutoring.
  • Requirements: Grade of B or higher in course to tutor.
  • Important Note: Tutoring has previously not been a heavily requested item by students, and as such should not be relied on as a means to fulfill your hour requirements. If a student requests tutoring directly to BAP, an e-mail will be sent out with the subject and available meeting times, the first qualified student to respond will receive the opportunity.
  • The following form must also be filled out and signed by both the member and the student receiving tutoring. You may use the same form for recurring sessions, with the student receiving tutoring initialing each item.