Recent Publications and Presentations

Posted: September 27, 2017

Dan Halgin and Zhi Huang's research (with Ian Walsh, U. Mass), "Making Old Friends: Understanding the Causes and Consequences of Maintaining Former Coworker Relationships" has been accepted for publication at Academy of Management Discoveries.

Joe Labianca's research (with T. Grosser, U. Conn and V. Venkataramani, U. of Maryland)  “An Alter-centric Perspective on Employee Innovation: The Importance of Alters’ Creative Self-Efficacy and Network Structure” was accepted for publication at Journal of Applied Psychology.

Ji Youn (Rose) Kim's research (with H.D. Park, UT Dallas), "Two Faces of Corporate Venture Capital Funding: Promoting Innovation and Inhibiting IPOs' (with H.D. Park, UT Dallas) has been accepted for  publication at Strategy Science 

Joe Labianca's research (with J. Marineau, North Dakota State U. and A. C. Hood, U. of Alabama), “Multiplex Conflict: Examining the Effects of Overlapping Work-Related and Personal-Based Conflict on Advice-Seeking in Organizations” was accepted for publication at Journal of Business and Psychology.

Joe Labianca's research (with former PhD students, Wookje Sung, Meredith Woehler (Vanderbilt), Theresa Floyd (U. of Montana) and Travis Grosser (U. Conn) , “Employees' Responses to an Organizational Merger: Intraindividual Change in Organizational Identification, Attachment, and Turnover.” was published in Journal of Applied Psychology, (2017) 102: 910-934.

Zhi Huang and Dan Brass' research (with Z. Hong, HKUST), "Cross-border Acquisitions and the Asymmetric Effect of Power Distance Value Difference on Long-term Post-acquisition Performance" was published in Strategic Management Journal, (2017) 38, 972-991.

Joe labianca's research (with A. Shah and, H.A. Shah (U. of Peshawar, Pakistan), and J. M. Smith, Utah Stat U.), “Judicial Efficiency and Capital Structure: An International Study” was published in Journal of Corporate Finance, (2017) 44: 255–274.

Dan Brass' research (with S. Sasidharan and R. Santhanam, U. of Oklahoma, "Assimilation of Enterprise Information Systems:: Knowledge Support from People and Systems" was published in International Journal of Technology Diffusion, (2017)18-32.