Faculty Council

Faculty governance is an important element of a well functioning university…

To enhance faculty governance in the Gatton College, we propose establishing a Gatton Faculty Council. This Council will supplement the existing administrative structure of the College by providing a forum for faculty input and discussion on matters before the College. The primary functions of the Council will be to:

  1. Improve communication throughout the college and provide a formal mechanism for faculty input to the College administration.
  2. Act as a voice for the College faculty in University-level matters.
  3. Provide a venue for dialogue regarding academic issues and other concerns of the faculty of the College.

This Council is not intended to supplement or supplant any existing college committees, and it would adhere to the existing administrative regulations of the University. The Council would not become involved in specific cases that are not of general interest to the College faculty (e.g., the Council would not be involved in individual grievances for such issues as promotion and tenure decisions or individual compensation). The intention is that this Council would act as a unified body pursuing common interests rather than partisans pursuing adversarial goals.

Members of the Faculty Council