Seminars and Workshops

As part of its commitment to academic excellence, the Department of Economics sponsors numerous workshops and seminars each semester. Speakers for our workshop series are a mix of faculty and graduate students, in addition to leading scholars from other universities.

Mark C. Berger Workshop Series

All Mark C. Berger Seminars are Friday afternoons at 3:00 PM in Gatton 199 unless otherwise noted. All are welcome to attend. Papers (when available) can be downloaded using the link on the paper title.

Date Presenter Title

August 25

12-1:00 pm in BE 230

Erin Troland (Treasury Department) Before the War on Poverty: The Impact of Union Health Programs in Appalachia
September 1 Anthony Creane (Kentucky) Shipping the good apples under strategic competition
September 15 Kamal Saggi (Vanderbilt) International Effects of National Regulations: External Reference Pricing and Price Controls
September 22 Christian Vossler (Tennessee) Alternative Value Elicitation Formats in Contingent Valuation: A New Hope

September 29

1-2:30 pm in BE 311

Brian Knight (Brown) The Out-of-State Tuition Distortion
October 6 TBA
October 13 Elena Irwin (Ohio State) "The Expanding Ethanol Market and Farmland Values: Identifying the Changing Influence of Proximity to Agricultural Market Channels"
October 20 2017 KEA Conference
October 27 TBA
November 3 Gatton College Workshop
November 10 Bill Hoyt (Kentucky) Migration, Differential Mobility and the Choice of a Tax Base
November 17 2017 SEA Conference
December 1 TBA


Dec 5 (Tuesday)

3:30-5:00 in BE 127

Jean-Marc Robin (Sciences Po) On Worker and Firm Heterogeneity in Wages and Employment Mobility

Department Workshops

Workshops are held on Mondays 12:00 – 1:00 PM in Gatton 311 unless otherwise noted. Papers (when available) can be downloaded using the link on the paper title.

Date Presenter Title
September 4 Labor Day
September 11 Rob Perez (Kentucky) Homeownership Effects of Eminent Domain Legislation Following The Kelo Supreme Court Ruling
September 18 Tim Bianco (Kentucky) Monetary Policy and Credit Flows
September 25 Nick Moellman (Kentucky) Healthcare and Hunger: Impacts of the Affordable Care Act on Food Insecurity in America
October 2 Gray Forlines (Kentucky) Trends and Drivers of Physician-Hospital Integration: The Role of Medicare Reimbursement
October 9 Chenxu Hu (Kentucky) Effects of Cohort Size on College Premiums: Evidence from China Higher Education Expansion
October 16 Ben Wallace (Kentucky) Nonlinear Pricing: Evidence of Price Discrimination in the Fluid Milk Market
October 23 Felipe Benguria (Kentucky) Commodity Shocks, Firm-Level Responses and Labor Market Dynamics
October 30 TBA
November 6 David Agrawal (Kentucky) Taxation and Industry Dynamics: Evidence from the Airline Industry
November 13 Lala Ma (Kentucky) Does Shale Gas Impact Infant Health through Drinking Water?
November 20 Kimberly Berg (Miami University)

"Where's the Risk? The Forward Premium Bias, the Carry-Trade Premium, and Risk Reversals in General Equilibrium"

November 27 Emily Lawler (Vanderbilt) Direct and Spillover Effects of Middle School Vaccination Requirements

Nov 30 (Thursday)

12:00-1:00 in BE 435UV

Ike Brannon (Cato) Fixing the Organ Donation Market