Job Market Candidates 2017-18

We're pleased to present our job market candidates for 2017-18:

Name Primary Fields Advisor Job Market Paper
Timothy Bianco
Macroeconomics, international trade Ana Maria Herrera Monetary Policy and Credit Flows
Grayson Forlines
Health economics, industrial organization Frank Scott Drivers of Physician-Hospital Integration: The Role of Medicare Reimbursement
Chenxu Hu
Labor economics, family economics Chris Bollinger Effects of Cohort Size on College Premium: Evidence from China's Higher Education Expansion
Nicholas Moellman
Labor economics, public economics Jim Ziliak

Healthcare and Hunger: Impacts of the Affordable Care Act on Food Insecurity in America

Robert Perez
Public economics, health economics Aaron Yelowitz

Homeownership Effects of Eminent Domain Legislation Following The Kelo Supreme Court Ruling

Director of Graduate Studies and Placement Director: Jenny Minier (email)

Placement Assistant: Jeannie Graves (email)