Hongtao Zhang


Hongtao Zhang (Taylor) is currently enrolled in the MSF program at University of Kentucky. He received a B.S. in Finance in 2017 at Wuhan University of Technology, one of the Top 10 universities in China according to the 2014 Times World Ranking.

He had paid attention to linking theory with practice by investing international futures since he’s a freshman in March 2014. In this 4 years, the interaction with market inspired his passion for seeking real value and pricing rules. It also enhanced his financial knowledge and kept his attention on macroeconomic policy and risk management. During an internship at the Dahua he audited financial responsibilities of leading officials in the Digital Banking and Credit Card Departments. This gave him a deeper understanding of the basic content of digital banking, risk management, marketing and departmental collaboration. Interning also at Guotaijunan Securities, one of the three largest securities and investment banks in China, he assisted in the issuance of $150 million of Caidian City Construction and Development Company bonds. From that experience he acquired a thorough understanding of due diligence as related to the company's ownership structure, asset allocation, and conditions and processes involved in a bond issue.

He expects to learn and apply finance through internship, further understand the business culture and financial system of the United States, and become a valuable contributor.

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