Hao Dai


The financial corporate sector has fascinated me ever since I was introduced to corporate finance in one of my undergraduate elective courses. I always thought it was amazing that an individual could use financial data to predict outcomes for clients, markets, and public consumers. I have to admit that I was simply captivated by the idea of making a career out of the analysis of numbers. My interest in finance led me to participate in college sponsored financial analyst programs in which students were given the opportunity to visit startup companies in Europe. We were given a first look at how burgeoning organizations were using market diversification and the principles of supply and demand to enter in and control markets. In addition, I was also awarded an invitation to intern in a financial department while in Europe at a Drone manufacturing organization. It was definitely an eye opening experience that I didn’t want to end but the summer eventually transitioned into fall and I had to leave.

When I got back to San Diego I decided to focus on graduating so I could enter the corporate world as soon as possible. After graduating from San Diego State University with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Marketing I decided to pursue positions that would allow me to get involved with finance. My passion for working in finance landed me a position at AP Aeronautics where I worked in customer service, marketing, and handled the finances for the organization. While I was very new to handling financial information and documents I caught on very quickly and used my creativity to fast track a lot of processes by migrating them from paper into a programmed excel spreadsheet. I was always very excited to go to work because it gave me a chance to use my mathematical skills in combination with my theoretical knowledge and creativity. The entire experience helped me understand that I needed to pursue a career in finance.

I began researching schools with financial master’s programs. After a lot of research and comparisons I decided that the Gatton College of Business at the University of Kentucky was the best fit for my needs and aspirations. One of the biggest selling points was that the Master of Finance program at Gatton College was AACSB accredited, which meant that curriculum was compiled and taught at a level that would my degree to be recognized around the world. In addition, I was very excited to see that the program incorporates more than 70 percent of the CFA requirements which will undoubtedly help me prepare for the CFA certification exam that I plan on taking after I graduate. More importantly, I want to attend Gatton College because I want to learn in a Tier 1 research environment from professors who are experts in the field so I can have the opportunity to research and learn up-to-date knowledge of the current trends in finance. Please accept me so I can achieve my financial dreams.

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